2022 July E1 Preseminar Form

2022 July Executive Course in Vol Ministry Dev

Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development Level 1 Conference Date: July 11-13 Conference Location: Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte/Concord North Carolina
  • Please provide your city and state/provence and country if outside of the US. We use this information for your table tent and hanging name tag. Thank you!
  • You are invited to attend dinner on Sunday July 10th at 6:00pm. Dinner is provided by our ministry at Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Concord. It's a great advantage to meet many of the attendees ahead of time in a very casual setting. Please let us know if you'll attend this dinner by checking button below.
  • If you are currently working with volunteers, please describe briefly how volunteers are utilized in your current work and/or describe in what capacity you hope to work with volunteers in the future.
  • Safety for travelers, humble learning hearts, all attendees will grow in Christ and in their leadership abilities, for Newell and Associates team as they lead, for group unity, for God's Spirit to be present in a mighty way, for effective implementation when you return. Please list three prayer partners who will pray for you from a few days before to a few days following the seminar: