Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have questions and we hope that some of your questions are answered below. There are no stupid questions. We want to see God’s kingdom expand for His glory so if you still have questions about how you can access the full capabilities of your volunteer ministry for His glory, please contact us by clicking here.


Do you offer on-site training?

We do not offer on-site trainings. One of the great values our courses offer is the opportunity to experience a learning environment, with leaders from across the US and the globe who represent a great diversity of ministries. These leaders face similar volunteer ministry development challenges.

Will the Executive Course training or High Impact resources fit with our theology?

Our training is Christ-centered and biblically based. So, if you believe the Bible to be God’s Word, you will likely appreciate our training content. We welcome leaders and volunteer ministry directors from all Christ-centered, biblically based churches, denominations and Christian organizations. We may not agree on every detail of doctrine. Yet, we serve a broad spectrum of leaders across the body of Christ. 

Should we attend the Executive Course or complete thte e-learning modules?

Hands down, the Executive Course affords you, your leadership team the absolute best chance to succeed at applying High Impact and to begin and sustain real culture change. More than a training, the Executive Course is a highly interactive experience, that takes place in a welcoming, spiritually refreshing environment. With leaders from across the globe and with many attendees from organizations that apply High Impact, the course provides learnings that can’t be replicated in an e-learning environment.

Thousands of leaders have benefitted from our e-learning modules, which comprise about 30% of the content of an Executive Course. The modules were developed to introduce leaders to High Impact, reinforce High Impact culture, and as a way for secondary, tertiary leaders, or support staff to access many of the key High Impact concepts when sending all of those leaders is not possible.

Who should come to an Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development?

We are confident no matter your role, you will feel welcome. Our courses are filled with Executive Leadership, Regional Directors /Departmental leaders, Sr Pastors, Ex pastors, Volunteer Relations staff, Leader volunteers, Volunteer Coordinators, Children’s or Student ministry staff, or support staff. So If you are a person that leads or establishes the culture, leads volunteers, or supports the culture in which High Impact can flourish, our Executive Courses are ideal for you and your team..

Should I bring my team?

We strongly encourage you to bring your team. However, almost every course includes several attendees who are the only person or first person from their organization. Most come as a part of a team so that together as you learn and experience High Impact, you can reflect on how it will work in your environment. In addition, we offer teams the opportunity to meet with one our consultants during a meal so that you can bring your list of questions regarding the unique challenges you face. Leaders find this very valuable.

If I have a lot of experience, should I go directly to Level 2?

If you have never been to a Level 1 High Impact training, you will want to start there. Even the most experienced leaders find that the Level 1 course provides new insights and different perspectives that make the training invaluable. Our Level 2 Executive Course starts with the learnings from Level 1. So, you would be at a great disadvantage if you were not familiar with High Impact concepts or language that everyone else is already familiar with.

Interested in developing your volunteer ministry with the High Impact methods?

If you’re ready to learn more about how your ministry can get started with High Impact Volunteer Ministry, fill out the form below and someone from our staff will be in touch with you.