Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have questions and we hope that some of your questions are answered below. There are no stupid questions. We want to see God’s kingdom expand for His glory so if you still have questions about how you can access the full capabilities of your volunteer ministry for His glory, please contact us by clicking here.


Can our organization or church host a High Impact training or a Level 1 or Level 2 Executive Course in our area?
Yes. We plan our courses 6 months to a year in advance. You must be in an area where we believe we can cost-effectively conduct a training. Generally if you are willing to commit to have 15 registrations, we will consider your area. You can partner with other churches and organizations in your area. We will take care of the rest. However, there are many factors and variables and so it’s best for us to discuss this with you.
With registration fee, travel and hotel expenses, wouldn’t it be cheaper to have you or an instructor from your organization come out and train our team?
It may be somewhat less expensive, but not more effective. Over the last fifteen years, we have watched organizations and churches that have done both. It is clear to us that the level of learning and effective implementation is far greater for those who come out to an Executive Course training. It will cost you about the same when all is said and done to send five out as opposed to training fifteen on-site. In our opinion, it is a far better value for your church or organization to bring five leaders to a course. Sometimes team members in on-site training situations are not as vested with personal responsibilities so close; whereas, the focus of those who bring their team to the Executive Course is much greater, not to mention the entire extra day of training, and the great interaction from others in the group. In addition teams find they can focus on working through ideas and strategies much easier outside of their normal environment.
Do you offer on-site training?
Yes. We offer on-site training. The many other commitments of our ministry hinder our ability to do all of the requested on-site training. We pare the course down to two days of six to seven hours each. Because of greatly different group dynamics and one less day, it ends up being a little more than half of our level 1 course.
Do you offer separate training for churches?
Yes. We love to do on-site training and conduct on-site trainings all over the world. Before we will consider an on-site, at least one leader (we recommend several) from your organization must have attended our Level 1 course. Usually we pare the content down to two days of our level 1 training. Because of different group dynamics and one less day, it ends up being a little more than half of our level 1 course. The organization pays a daily training fee plus a participation fee for each attendee and for travel expenses for our team of 2-4.
Will your training or resources fit with the theology of our Christian organization or Church?
Our training is biblically based. So, if you believe the Bible to be God’s Word, you will likely appreciate our focus. We welcome leaders and volunteer ministry directors from all churches, denominations and Christian organizations.
Should I take my team?
Absolutely. There is tremendous advantage to bringing coworkers, team members, or key executives, to get everyone on the same page. Training all those who currently manage volunteers or all those who will influence volunteer ministry development will foster the environment necessary for volunteerism to flourish and will greatly ease the job of the person most responsible for implementing change.
Who should attend the Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development?
Executive Directors, Pastors, Leadership Teams, Volunteer Ministry Directors, Ministry Directors, Lay Ministry Directors, Presidents, Marketing Directors, Elders, Church leaders, Children’s and Youth Ministry Directors, Development Directors, Volunteers who lead volunteers.
Should we attend the Executive Course or get the DVD and CDs?
Both. The Audio/Video Series, High Impact Volunteer Ministry, (1 dvd), four audio sessions (2 cds) and a fifty two-page workbook contains about 25% of the content of the main principles shared in the either are level 1 or level 2 course. It is full of information and activities to help you and your team move forward. Many choose this training series as a first step. Some choose it as an only step. Still others choose it to supplement their own training and to train others in the organization once they return. However, as good as we believe it is, nothing is quite like attending an Executive Course. It’s impossible to replace face-to-face instruction, interactive learning exercises, and a group of 30-50 Christian leaders from all over North America who are all focused on the same topic of volunteer ministry development. The group dynamic is impossible to replicate. The Executive Course is over 20 hours of a dynamic training experience compared to 2.5 hours (six if you complete the whole workbook) of the training series. Most who attend the course also get the training series and other resources in order to retain information and share with team members. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with someone who has experienced both an ECVMD and the training series and they can tell you the advantages of both.

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