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We have walked alongside leaders from many of the biggest and most effective Christian organizations in the world.

img_0219Have you ever tried to change a tire on a car…while the car is moving? Most leaders can’t shut down their ministries; they have to implement while they are moving. We have walked alongside leaders from many of the biggest and most effective Christian organizations in the world. While each organization and church brings its unique set of challenges, by God’s grace we are experienced at navigating the labyrinth of details to ensure the quickest implementation with the least headaches. A distinctive feature of our ministry is that as a part of our ongoing consulting agreements, we offer unlimited availability at a fixed price so our experience is available to you any time that you need it. Generally the most experienced and effective leaders gain the most by partnering with our organization.

Volunteer Ministry Assessment

Do you at least glance in a mirror before you head out? Mirrors give us perspective. Significant volunteer ministry improvement starts with gaining an accurate perspective. Most leaders we work with have much experience; their churches and organizations have achieved some level of excellence. Before offering perspective, we learn as much as possible about your organization. We listen to hear your vision, your unique history and calling. We review your entire volunteer ministry. We interview executive leaders, volunteer management staff, regional or pastoral staff, leader and frontline volunteers. Then relying on the power of God and the experience He has given us, we first affirm those strategies and practices we observe that are positive and then offer recommendations and next steps that we trust will take your organization to an entirely new level of volunteer ministry effectiveness.

Interviewing Candidates

Few decisions have greater impact on your volunteer ministry than the person you choose to lead your volunteer ministry effort. Two decades of proven leadership selections have taught us precisely what to look for and what to avoid. Misconceptions about volunteer ministry lead to poor assumptions about the right kind of candidates. Not only do we have a proven track record and a volunteer ministry development profile but also our clients consistently tell us consistently that we possess unique gifts in assessing candidates, giving our clients valuable insights into their candidates. In the abundance of counselors, there is victory. We work best as a part of your selection team. Involving us does not guarantee the perfect choice, but likely our experience will increase your chances of a strong selection and reduce the chance of a costly mistake.

Can you afford it? Let me ask, what is the salary package for the position? $40,000? $75,000? Now multiply that by how many years you hope to have that person on your team. What kind of impact do you hope the person will have? $1,000 is a small incremental cost to affirm a positive selection, confirm a negative consensus, get an independent opinion, or gain valuable insights on how to lead your candidates. Contact us to schedule an interview or to learn more.

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