Leading from Within

Volunteer Equity? Three ways to build it.

Volunteer equity is the value that exists in an organization based on volunteer capital and effectiveness. Volunteer equity is not just the number of volunteers that your organization possesses but also it is the commitment and effectiveness of your volunteer teams.

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The Perfect Present

It was Mother’s Day. The speaker said Mother’s Day is not a source of celebration for everyone. Many mothers have lost children or unable to have children. I listened. My heart hurt for those women. That was years ago. A part of me now dreads Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Then there’s Christmas.

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ATTRACTivity, does your ministry have it?

Being one of the top 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America has long been a status symbol. These churches have found the compelling recipe for success in drawing people. Some of these churches are referred to as attractional churches, that is they try to create an experience during weekend services that “wows” the audience making it irresistible in attracting them to return. Having visited lots of churches, having been an executive pastor in an attractional church, and a consultant that has trained leaders at countless large churches and Christian organizations for the last twenty years, I constantly weigh the notion of ATTRACTivity.

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