Volunteer Equity? Three ways to build it.

What is volunteer equity?
Volunteer equity is the value that exists in an organization based on volunteer capital and effectiveness. Volunteer equity is not just the number of volunteers that your organization possesses but also it is the commitment and effectiveness of your volunteer teams.

Imagine you are the coach of a basketball team. Your team wins about 50% of its games. However, if you improve the equity of each player, the entire team will increase its winning percentage. If you could increase each player’s vertical jump by 1 inch, their shooting success by five percent and each member’s effort at practice by only 5%, your entire team will perform at a much higher level the next time you play. The same is true of volunteer equity. Let’s look at three ways to improve volunteer equity.

  1. Improve the skills or competencies of each volunteer. Improve the skill level of each musician on your worship team by having skilled musicians to mentor the less-experienced. Show your church relations or advocate volunteers how to make stronger presentations. Teach your prayer team members how to pray more effectively. Small skill level improvements by each volunteer will have a dramatic impact on the performance of the entire team and increase your fruit for God’s kingdom.
  2. Increase the alignment of each volunteer. Share stories of how God has used the ministry to impact the lives of children or make disciples. Show volunteers how the cause of the ministry is rooted in the teachings of the Bible. If a volunteer perceives their ministry activity as advancing God’s kingdom, they will become more aligned and will increase their level of energy and activity. Again, small increases in each volunteer’s motivation will have a profound impact on your entire ministry.
  3. Teach those who lead volunteers how to manage volunteers better. If your Children’s Ministry Director increases her skills on how to recruit, select and train volunteers by only 5%, then every Sunday School teacher is likely to be stronger and have great impact on the lives of children and families. If Regional Directors increase their ability to identify, select, train and lead volunteers by 5%, then the 100 volunteers in their region will all likely perform better. In this way training e even one leader will have profound strategic impact.

Attending an Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development may seem costly, but when you consider the ripple impact on volunteer equity throughout your entire organization or church, the cost will seem small. Now is the time to bring your leadership team to the Executive Course in Volunteer Ministry Development.

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